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Friendburst, a place for sharing. We are a 'Private' and invite only site. Membership starts at only $1 a month. Use the sign-up sheet below and someone will be in contact with you when invitations are available. Should you join you can cancel within your first 30 days and your membership will be refunded.

So what makes Friendburst different? It is a place where you can share your creativity, knowledge, beliefs, interests and most important "Friendship", in a fun, fast and easy way. It is a great social network for almost anyone. Role Players will also enjoy Friendburst, our customized profiles and groups will add a fun dimension to roleplaying.

Friendburst loves its Members. Our members are what makes our social network.

At Friendburst you can customize your experience. Profile Layouts may be customized with CSS and HTML. You can embed videos, pictures and more. Don't let other networks define who you are. We also have over 600 pre-made profile layouts to choose from for those that want to get up and going fast.

Are you tired of your old social network? Wish they would listen to you? Looking for a fun and new place to make new friends, or want to create a private mini community for just your family? Check out Friendburst, a YOUR Friendship Community. Whether you are looking for a new place to bring your friends and connect with the world, looking for someone new to talk to, or for new friendships FriendBurst is the place to come!

Check out what some of our members are saying:
"What to say about FriendBurst... Very easy. This place really rocks in every way possible. Kevin, you do a great job here, always reply to our messages, ready to help - i mean REAL HELP, lol. Nothing like M_____ . This place is very user friendly. Kudos to you and Karen. You pay attention to our needs and opinions. I don't feel the need to go private here and to me it's a plus. On M_____, i had no choice but to go private. FriendBurst is on the right way, keeps growing and will reach it's goals. FriendBurst is NOW the place to be and I AM here to stay. Thanks again for everything, Kevin" Angelica Wandering Angel

"Hi Kevin, I am from My_____ and so are a lot of my friends that are here. We were all looking for a site that we could call home, and when we heard about Friendburst, one by one we all started to come here. Friendburst is our new home away from home. I feel safe here because I know that you are watching out for us and you only have our best interest in mind. You personally helped me with my layout when I first came here, I want to thank you for that. Friendburst is a place for sharing and caring... It is the place I want to be" Bella

We were one of the most popular poetry sites on MySpace ~ when MySpace migrated to 3.0 we began looking for a site that allowed social interaction on the blogs so we could continue offering the sort of interaction that we were accustomed to. Non quite measured up, until we found friendburst!!! So we planned our move and are settling in... We so look forward to providing a social poetry site that truly ROCKs on friendburst ~ See you 1 May 2011 Woo Hoo" Lady Cheryl & The CPC Crew

Read more of what our members are saying about FriendBurst

We want to become the hub where our members can truely connect, network, and share.

So kick back, relax, feel at home, and show the world what makes you, YOU!

FriendBurst.com - Bringing back the 'social' in social networks

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